About us


Leadership and innovation in Learning and human resource development using the latest digital technology and community service at the local and international levels.


"Et3lm seeks to contribute positively to the progress of our beloved country Egypt, our Arab and African countries by providing high-quality scientific training programs directly related to the current and future requirements and needs to global labor markets in the age stages, as well as the effective partnership locally and internationally to enhance the culture of education and continuous knowledge to develop capabilities And human resources to promote and spread knowledge and support national development. "


1. Respecting values, heritage and cultural diversity: Et3lm respects the established values ​​and rich heritage of the country and seeks to participate actively in preserving and sustaining it, as well as cultural diversity, pluralism and other opinion.

2. Integrity and transparency: We adhere to the highest ethical principles, and we pledge to work with integrity and transparency in a manner that achieves justice and enhances trust, credibility and institutional accountability.

3. Teamwork: We support each other in our work through cooperation and teamwork, and we value the healthy environment that this approach creates.

4. Leadership and continuous learning: We develop the spirit of innovation, initiative and excellence, and apply global best practices in all Et3lm business. We also value the focus on the quality of our products, the constant desire for continuous learning and the exchange of knowledge between stakeholders.

5. Effectiveness of decision making: We are committed to making our decisions and plans based on evidence and analysis, and we are committed to adopting efficient and effective systems and procedures.

6. Effective Communication: We are committed to activating the various communication policies and channels with all concerned groups, employees, clients, partners, suppliers, local and international community.

7. Dedication to knowledge: We are committed to achieving global success in the field of education and providing financial grants to train students and meet the needs of society.


·        Preparing human resources to be distinguished in their areas of specialization, leaders and producers in their societies.

·        To develop the capabilities of scientific research and innovation in areas of national and international importance.

·        Expand the Et3lm international accreditation and its professional programs and enhance its international reputation.

·        Enhancing Et3lm's role in producing and transferring knowledge and skills to serve the community.

·        Ensure that all administrative services are provided in accordance with quality, efficiency and transparency standards.

·        Establishing a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment.


Et3lm includes permanent experts and consultants who are distinguished by their experience and high efficiency that has been gained through their work with major international professional institutions and major international specialized organizations.